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Tenderfoot Software

Managing your business can be a challenge, with the store, inventory, vendors, employees and most important, your customers. Whether you manage one location or many, we have made this easy with Tenderfoot Point of Sales Solutions!


Tenderfoot Software has successfully integrated the day to day store management process with the store’s need to provide a customized customer experience while running the business. The processes developed and tested by the company includes a three part approach to store operations, customer preferences management and detailed back end data management all designed to increase the efficiency of your business.

The tools created and by Tenderfoot developers have been tested in live environments and have been proven in real world operations. Imagine a software solution that works every day, making it easy to determine sales, track what customers want most, maintain worker integrity while providing the tools necessary for strategic decision making that insures profitability .



Today's technology gives retail businesses the ability to build the customer experience around the customer. Tenderfoot Software develops customer centered tools that focus on the personal preferences of the people you do business with. Tenderfoot POS integrates CRM features from custom checkout options to loyalty programs to gift cards.

This integration reduces audit times improving overall reporting by weeks in many cases. Imagine a software solution that works harder than you do every day, making it easy to determine sales, movement and promotional decisions making you more profitable every day.


Tenderfoot retail POS solutions successfully integrates store management front end operations of with  back office functions which are critical to store profitability. Our solutions are designed to work with existing hardware and accounting software.

The tools developed by Tenderfoot POS solutions were developed through experience and intensive testing and have been proven to significantly improve store reporting and profitability. Back office solutions are very important because large stores and multiple store operations generate huge amounts of data. Tenderfoot POS solutions simplifies monitoring and  managing this data for the benefit of store management minute by minute.


Tenderfoot Software has been the solution of choice for retail stores for 12 years and has a proven suite of products that are used to manange retail businesses of any size. Our taylor-made software can work for businesses with one terminal or one hundred terminals.  

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