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Customer Contact

Whether you operate small business/office, single owner or a large business with multiple locations, Customer Contact is a crucial to your success.
Tenderfoot Software introduces a module of their tools, Customer Contact that you can try free of charge. Customer Contact encourages customers to visit more often increasing your sales opportunities.  

Use the software to create a club (birthday, breakfast, frequent customer, etc.), remind membership of the registration date deadlines, keep up with anniversary information, etc.   If you can think of it Customer Contact can handle it.  Customer Contact makes this easy with it’s Club module,  an Invitation module and Reporting module.  


Simply register on this site to get access to a full working version of Customer Contact allowing you to try before you buy. 
 All of Tenderfoot Software tools work together.   Your investment in Customer contact will work seamlessly with Time and Attendance and any other module of the Tenderfoot Software's Tools.

Your use of this software implies acceptance of the licensing restrictions and conditions of the software agreement.  You may access more functionality by registering this software with Tenderfoot Software, Ltd., contact Tenderfoot Software at www.tenderfootsoftware.com.
Upon receipt of payment Tenderfoot software will email you a serial number that will increase your functionality as shown below.

Unregistered allows 1 store,                            100 contacts/emails
 Register 2 stores for $99.00-                           400 contacts/emails
                5 stores for $199.00 -                       1,000 contacts/emails
                10 stores for $259.00 -                      5,000 contacts/emails*
                16 stores for $499.00 -                      20,000 contacts/emails*
                 25 stores for $599.00 -                     50,000 contacts/emails*
                 50 stores for $999.00 -                     125,000 contacts/emails**
                 Unlimited stores for $1499.00 -        unlimited contacts/emails**

*Multiple user version: use Customer Contact at 2 to 5 stations
** Includes a 3 user Sybase I Anywhere database server to protect your investment