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POS Retail Management Software

Each profit center using Store Manger Work Station (SMWS) is connected to the corporate office via Tenderfoot’s Software Corporate Work Station (CWS). CWS consists of an Upload Module, Accounting Department module, a Human Resources module, a Marketing Department module, an Operations Department module and an Executive Department module. Information is expertly moved to the appropriate department using the Upload module which distributes information as received.


Store Manager Work Station (SMWS)
Store Manager Work Station (SMWS) is a module that collects sales, time and attendance, invoice information, movement information, lottery, door store vendor information and many other store operations as required by your company polices. SMWS saves time by efficiently collecting the information, packaging the information and forwarding to the company main office for audit and review.

Corporate Work Station (CWS)
Corporate Manager Work Station (CMWS) is a suite of modules that controls Accounting, Marketing, Time and Attendance, Operations and an Executive information system.

Accounting Module
The Accounting Module handles all areas of accounting: A/P audit, Sales Audit, Lottery Audit and more. After an audit is completed, it is a single push of the button to create the general ledger entries to use for your accounting system. A simple, elegant and fast solution for your account department procedures. The implementation of the Tenderfoot Software solution results in an accurate Profit and Loss statement sooner than you could imagine.

Human Resources Module (HRS)
The Human Resources Module collects new hire information, termination information, time and attendance and other critical HR information. The Human Resources Module seamlessly integrates to the CMWS system.

Marketing Module
The Marketing Module will be one of your most used modules. It manages item price by zone, collects supplier item information, creates promotions, and manages movement information. Store gondola management is included. The Marketing Module allows a multitude of reporting for use in margin management, this could be your most profitable module.

Operations Module (ROMEIS)
The Operations Module collects daily information on stores which is passed to the district manager, regional manager and VP of operations creating the opportunity to fix store problems long before they become costly errors or omissions.

Executive Module (CWS-EIS)
The Executive Module collects information from the other modules presenting it in a dashboard format. Sales can be monitored at the company office as they occur*, the dash board is updated instantly. The Executive Module allows consolidation of reporting information and drill down to discover those gems that can save your company money.

* Live monitering is available if supported by POS system